About us

Anoushka or Mundo Anoushka.

We are a clothing brand that comes from here and there. We develop our own designs since 2007, trying to maintain high quality standards in our selection of materials and our manufacture of garments.

Among the fabrics we use we can cite 100% Pure SILK, 100% Natural Cotton and exclusive and different prints.

Both our designs as well as their development are focussed towards all people who want and are encouraged to dress in colours and wear them with a SMILE.

We always try to have all sizes of all models beyond the fact of how short, how long or how daring the particular garment can be. Our target is a STATE OF MIND rather than a body type, a social statement or an age.

We design each model dreaming it to be pretty rather than commercial, and then we produce limited quantities. This way we renew our collections each year, both in Winter as in Summer.

Anoushka spends four months a year in India, working with various small factories, led by families who have also become a little like our family.

In Nepal we look for winter fabrics and from Indonesia we bring a little of its decorative art decor and footwear.

Anoushka seeks to maintain fair, humane and sustainable trade relations between people of different cultures; both with suppliers and with customers and of course among ourselves.

With our garments are trying to say what we are through our slogans.

This garment only looks good with a smile!

Virgin Clothing ... Make them Yours!

Destructure yourself ... Anoushka revolutionizes your wardrobe!

Decatalogise yourself... Anoushka dresses your imagination!

Tired of being the black sheep? ... Put on colours !!