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  • 64,95 €

    Size :  M/L 

    Tie Dye Jumpsuit, made of viscose rayon. A boho palazzo jumpsuit design with a beautiful flow, elastic in the back below the "top" part for a perfect comfy fit, with an opening in the front showing the jumpsuit underneath, but hiding everything you want to hide! A metallic BRASS button in the back, adjustable straps and 2 front pockets.

  • 31,46 € 44,95 €
    Reduced price!

    Size :  S/M  L/XL 

    Long Backless Ethnic Jumsuit. Confeccionado en rayón de viscosa. Largo pero fresco y con mucha caída y un movimiento impresionante en el pantalón palazzo. Espalda con apertura en rombo. Bolsillos a los lados. Estampado étnico para completar tu look bohemio. Disponible en 2 tallas.

  • 39,95 €

    Color :  Coral 

    Size :  L/XL 

    Jumpsuit Rak, long palazzo, lightweigt jumpsuit, made of 100% cotton. Very comfortable and perfect for those indecisive days when you don´t know what to combine, and you want to look amazing! Very practical, and elegant. Available in two sizes and various patterns.

  • 59,95 €

    Color :  White 

    Size :  S/M 

    Palazzo Border Jumpsuit, made of 100% cotton. Join the IBIZA style with this beautiful white jumpsuit! With a V-Neckline with pleated details, two side pockets, adjustable straps and elastic backside for a perfect fitting.A total boho - Hippie chiq look for this summer!The Jumpsuit is lined from top to bottom to prevent transparencies.Cotton belt included.

  • 34,95 €

    Size :  S/M  L/XL 

    Ethic Viscose Playsuit, HandMade of printed viscose rayon. In order to be up to date in the Boho Style this short Jumpsuit is a total musthave to rock that Bohemian Festival Look! All set for Spring & Summer, be unique for a day at the beach, a day on the Town! This Backless Pompon Playsuit has a metal button closure in the neck and elastics in the lower...

  • 19,98 € 49,95 €

    Size :  S/M  M/L 

    Mono Donna, largo pero fresco, confeccionado en algodón, con dos tirantes cruzados regulables con hebillas y un cinturón negro con una hebilla roja para el contraste.  Un estampado etnico para completar tu look bohemio. Disponible en tres tallas.

  • 59,95 € 79,95 €
    Product available with different options

    Size :  L/XL 

    Color :  Red  Black  Purple 

    Jumpsuit Gabi Broket, long jumpsuit made of 100% brocade silk. One pattern is even more beautiful than the other! Very elegant and stunning! Unique garment, no two are alike.

  • 19,98 € 39,95 €

    Size :  S/M  L/XL 

    Mono V, confeccionado en chiffon y algodón 100%. A simple vista parece un Vestido largo con precioso escote V, pero debajo del tejido de chiffon sorprenden sus pantalones rectos. Elástico en la espalda y cinturón opcional. Disponible en diferentes estampados y 3 tallas en nuestra tienda de ropa online.

  • 30,00 €
    Online only

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  • 39,95 €

    Size :  S/M 

    V Jumpsuit - LIMITED EDITION, made of chiffon and cotton. It seems like an elegant cocktail dress with a beautiful Anoushka strapless V neckline. However you will be surprised this is a one piece jumpsuit as it comes with sewn-in straight cotton pants. Elastics in the back for a perfect fit and a double layered chiffon/cotton belt. Perfect for parties...

  • 34,95 € 37,95 €

    Size :  S/M  M/L 

    Ethnic Bell Playsuit, made of breathable printed cotton. A perfect boho playsuit short and fresh for summer, full of colours to wear at the beach, in the city or at a festival! It comes with an amazing triangle cut out back that closes with a metallic ethnic bell. Elastic part in the back for a great fit, and two side pockets.

  • 14,99 € 19,99 €

    Color :  Turquoise  White / Black 

    Size :  S/M  L/XL 

    Playsuit Bic, short lightweight breathable fabric. Perfectly fit for summer. Very comfy and ultra light! Color block design available in diffent colors and 3 different sizes.

  • 17,98 € 44,95 €

    Size :  S/M  L/XL 

    Mono Corto X, un monito corto confeccionado en algodón, con tirantes de hebillas cruzados en forma de X. Dos bolsillos a los costados, elástico a la cintura para la máxima comodidad y tres botones en la espalda.

  • 15,98 € 39,95 €
    Reduced price!

    Size :  S  M  L  XL 

    Playsuit Lace Romper, HandMade of plain cotton Lycra. In order to be up to date in the Boho Style this short Jumpsuit is a total musthave to rock that Bohemian Festival Look! All set for Spring & Summer, be unique for a day at the beach, a day on the Town or at a Festival! This Playsuit has an amazing Deep V neckline and backline with slightly seethrough...